LCCC Updates – Curriculum Updates; our Online Community; January Leader Training

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Though you will get no “bubbly” from your small groups pastor this year :), I do have some important small group updates…

Curriculum Updates

  • Sarah and I are working together through a book that came highly recommended for small groups or accountability groups – James Bryan Smith’s The Good and Beautiful Community. Its aim is to: “Create a happy marriage between contemplation and action; piety and mercy; personal devotion and social service.” This book is an absolute life-changer, and I am looking for a group or two that would be willing to work through it this semester to evaluate if we may use it for an all-group campaign some time in the future. Anyone interested in discussing this option??

  • We just ordered Mark Driscoll’s DVD series Vintage Jesus for the Russ Williams group. Russ is the only one so far to take advantage of “The Lake City Offer” –We will purchase the DVD and/or leader’s book for groups interested in doing any kind of study that is not currently in our curriculum library.

    Online Community

    Don’t forget to visit the Lake City Small Groups’ Online Community from time to time. Sure, you probably already use Facebook or Twitter, but this option gives our leaders and each group a great place to connect, share material, make plans and stay informed about our shared ministry.

    How have you liked this blog so far? If you have enjoyed it or gotten some use from it, let me know by leaving a comment on any of the posts!  And if you haven’t already subscribed to this blog, please do so right here. This notifies you every time a new blog entry has been posted.

    January Leader Training

    Thank you for being so faithful to your commitment to attending leader trainings before each semester. We are witnessing huge growth in Christ’s under-shepherds at LCCC. This semester’s training schedule will consist of:

    1.  Veteran Small Group Leader Training, Sunday, January 9, during 2nd service, in the Lower Gym. (Watch for the forthcoming e-vite.)

    • Offered only once this time, so please make it a priority to your schedule.
    • If you’re not able to attend, you’ll be asked to participate two weeks later in the New Leader Orientation as a resource for Q&A/discussion.

      2.  New Leader Orientation, Sunday, January 23, during the 2nd service, in the Lower Gym.

        Once again, a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours.

        Pastor Reg



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