Halloween, 2010

Ah yes, it’s almost Halloween – the pagan, turned Roman Catholic, turned commercial American holiday.  Here’s a little resource that may be useful in small groups this year for your conversations about Halloween.

By clicking here you will find a great article on Halloween from John MacArthur’s ministry Grace to You.  Excerpts include:

  • Halloween will bring in approximately 3.3 billion dollars this year.  [an average of $41.77 per household in decorations, costumes, candy, and greeting cards.]
  • The question is, “How should Christians respond to Halloween?”  Is it irresponsible for parents to let their children trick-or-treat?…
  • The unbelieving, Christ-rejecting world lives in perpetual fear of death.
  • Other Christians will opt for Halloween alternatives called “Harvest Festivals” or “Reformation Festivals”
  • How should Christians respond to Halloween?

Which reminds me…See you at Lake City’s Harvest Carnival on October 31!  Small Groups meeting that Sunday are asked to postpone their regular meetings and attend the Harvest Carnival as a community outreach event!

I pray you are fearless in Christ from all that tries to haunt you in this life.

Pastor Reg


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