LCCC Small Groups Update, 11/5/2010


Are you tracking your group’s unanswered questions about Heaven? I put a discussion forum on our main page where you can ask questions at any time.  I will do my best to answer, and everyone else is free to answer as well!


Have any groups experienced a noticeable interruption in their momentum during this series with the breaks for “A Chosen Vessel” and “National Orphan Sunday?”  Please extend Pastor Jim your grace for the interruptions due to what they are doing in Ethiopia, and do your best to keep people’s interest and growth alive! The Heaven topics which yet remain look extremely intriguing:

  • “Glimpses into Heaven”
  • “Relationships in Heaven” (a topic from which many questions are asked)
  • and, “Our Greatest Adventure!”



We are approaching the half-way point of the fall semester – time to present the options to your group for your next semester’s study and activity.   I’ve posted a promo video for one compelling new Bible study option on our online community here.   Use the “Small Group Curriculum Ideas” page in your Small Groups Toolkit (page 22) to begin the dialog with your group. Countless other options can be found online.  All new curriculum ideas need to be approved for doctrine before using.

In the same discussion of planning ahead, find out what ministry or missional service projects are on your people’s hearts, and if anyone is desiring to lead or host a new group next semester. Birthing a new group so that others can join a relational community is one of a small group leader’s great ministry wins!

Blessings on your homes!

Pastor Reg


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