MORE Great Testimonies from Lake City Small Groups!

After so much positive feedback from the first round of inspiring testimonies from LCCC Small Groups, I’m happy to present severalMORE Great Testimonies from Lake City Small Groups!”

1.         Earl and Sue Kolb’s Group—Observing Small Group Communion (Acts 2:42-47)

Does communion belong in a list of creative ways to worship as a small group? OR, is it an intrinsic and central part to life as the “church scattered?” I am more convinced that the latter is truer to the New Testament’s guidelines.

Earl and Sue’s group was the latest to observe communion together. Here’s what Earl had to say about the experience:

“I conducted Communion with our Small Group on 4 Mar 11.  This was a new experience.  All the members were excited.  The plan was each individual would first share their testimony.  I started by giving my testimony and a couple of times I rededicated my life when my children were dedicated.  This set the tone, and I went around to each member who then gave their testimonies.

“I then read from I Corinthians 11, explained the purpose of communion and the symbolic meaning.  I then passed the elements to each person; then we prayed and partook of the elements.

“After a moment or so, I reflected back on what we had just done and asked for each member’s thoughts.  They felt it was good and were glad we did it.  One member stated the timing was perfect since we had just finished the Heaven Series and were now ready to go back to our study of the Book of John.”

2.         Terry and Judy Olson GroupSharing Personal Testimonies within Your Group

Terry and Judy recently wrote this about their group’s sharing personal testimonies together: “The past three times we have met, people have been sharing their personal testimonies. This has been a very positive experience. It has brought the group closer together.”

Yes, sharing salvation stories within your group is an important activity which not only brings everyone closer together (Rom. 14:19), it also glorifies God (Ps. 118:21), reveals if each member is actually a believer (2 Cor 13:5), and ensures that all are able to share their faith (2 Pet. 3:15). Great job, Olson group, and others who have already done this!

3.         Clint and Tami Johnson GroupActive in Service and Outreach

My family had the pleasure of joining the Johnson group for an idea/planning dinner with the YFC staff at the Tillicum Drop-In Center. This group’s outreach commitment is inspiring. As a result of that meeting, the Johnson group has committed to partner with YFC by:

  • Hosting a large dinner for the kids, similar to last year, where we brought dinner for around 30-40 kids, served, ate and cleaned up with the kids.
  • Running a cooking class with kids at the center this summer.
  • Connecting with families of the community through a bike clinic (providing bikes, fixing bikes, putting on bike flags, and sharing Christ)

4.         Four Challenging New Studies (All of these are available for future use.)


1) Crazy LoveAfter the Hewitt group’s amazing experience with this Francis Chan study last year, the Oury and Johnson groups jumped into it this year, with similarly encouraging results.

2) Radical Haven’t heard of David Platt’s book yet? You will. The Higbee group is pioneering this still unrefined small group study of one of the most challenging books of our time.

3) Vintage JesusThe R. Williams group has been enjoying studying and discussing Mark Driscoll’s deep and different perspective on the Man who is God.

4) 10 Dumb Things that Smart Christians BelieveThree groups are working through this challenging little book, with some pretty interesting results.

A few future items that are sure to generate more great small group testimonies:

  • New draft of Small Group Adopted Missionaries is coming soon!
  • LCCC’s Second Annual Faith In Action (FIA), July 30/31 – Small Groups, Prepare!
  • GREAT IDEA: Someone to start a Saturday Night Group at 7:30pm, during the youth group’s new meeting time. Anyone interested? Just contact me at
  • End of semester party for anyone involved in leading small groups. Watch for more info about that, soon!

Blessings on your homes,

Pastor Reg


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