Halloween, 2011

I like to post constructive tools for edification in our small groups and homes during holidays throughout the year.  Halloween, 2011 is just days away.  Consider this year how might we might redeem it?

On my post from last Halloween I included thoughts from John MacArthur’s ministry.

But even better yet, I encourage you to read and discuss with your small group and family a new article on John Piper’s ministry’s blog: Sent into the Harvest: Halloween on Mission. 

Talk about redeeming Halloween! This is worth the several minutes it requires to digest. You will not be disapointed.


What are YOU doing this Halloween to make Jesus known? It would be fun if you shared in the comments below!
Blessings on your homes, not cowering in fear on this Hallow’s Eve Weekend, but rather “serving notice on the threshold of evil.” (Matt. 16:18)
Pastor Reg

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