Extravagantly Christlike this Christmas

Merry Christmas, Church!

Few occasions offer us a more profound opportunity to demonstrate our identity in Christ as Christmastime. But, with every worldly and fleshly influence trying to derail our proclamation and worship of Christ, how can we win the battle? What does it look like in our homes when we win?

This brief Christianity Today article nicely diagnoses these common fleshly battles, and offers a biblical path towards becoming extravagantly Christlike at this time of year. I encourage you to read it and dream and plan for your best celebration ever of the greatest act of love in history (John 3:16).

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Read this Christianity Today article here.

One Immediate Answer

There are myriads of ways to be extravagantly generous this Christmas. The Holy Spirit has already led us to one way – Lake City’s Giving Tree: buying requested gifts for the children of our Food Bank clients.

Many dozens of children will receive their only Christmas presents from the anonymous generosity of our church members. Will you be among them? This is the final week (gifts must be brought back wrapped this weekend!), and we still have over 20 tags on the tree. Come grab a tag and instruction sheet on the table next to the tree this week; or call the church office if you cannot come, 253-582-8040.

It may not change the world right away, but it will make a difference for one child – and in your own life.

Wishing an extravagantly Christlike Christmas season to you and yours,

Pastor Reg


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