Winter/Spring 2016 Photo Contest Results!

Thank you to all the 15 small groups who participated in this fun photo contest!! Below are the “snap shots”, and results, from the contest. Enjoy!! (We’ll see what Coach Ray Pancho has up his sleeve for next year.)

1st placeTeam Johnson  – “The Rapture”

2nd placeTeam Nelson/Pancho  – “Goin’ Fishin'”

3rd placeTeam Wadle/Rovinski  – “Glad to the Bone”

13332960_10209492238533152_9098261008221575244_nTeam Walmer – “Son of Blue Man Group”

13346513_10209492238813159_4039231339144962340_nTeam Tchobanoff – “Road Trip”

13315401_10209492237813134_5853352417463732275_nTeam Overstreet/Schneider – “Eating & Drinking Theology”

13319706_10209492234213044_5033809955637449936_nTeam Copp – “Water Warriors”

13320004_10209492236653105_308128932344381410_nTeam Strong – “Amazing Race”

13321859_10209492234053040_178456877343900822_nTeam Purses/Grossenbach

13332824_10209492238693156_2911754791579702068_nTeam Higbee – “Grub Got (May God Greet You)”

13335567_10209492235813084_375773997594795540_nTeam Krogh – “R.I.B.S: Rejoice In Being Servants”

13335936_10209492239933187_9031252672349136196_nTeam Small Group Coaches – “Jedi Coaches”

13339700_10209492238493151_524222340189631704_nTeam Smedley – “Golden Oldies”

13346494_10209492234533052_2356289171564507988_nTeam Palomino/Black – “Mustache May”

13346905_10209492235613079_3079383552643268655_nTeam Young


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