What’s Ahead in 2016

Summer Small Group News: What’s Ahead?

We have an exciting announcement to make. The Church Leadership has selected for our All-Church Series for this coming Fall, 2016 –– Randy Alcorn’s Happiness!

Happiness cover

Since happiness is something all humans seek – Christians and non – the series will appeal to young and old church members and anyone we invite. We know Randy Alcorn’s material will take us deep into the Word, as it did in his Heaven series a few years ago.

Our sermons will complement the material without overlapping the small group study, giving a fuller picture of each topic.

Our youth and children’s groups will be doing this series, too, so it really is an all-church family experience. Of course, the creative arts, testimonies, outreach opportunities, and service projects will add to the momentum and unity as well.

We look forward to bringing the church into a season of deep, victorious joy this year, right in the face of hard times and strong opposing spiritual forces.

Here is a basic schedule of what’s ahead. More details will roll out in the coming weeks.


  • August and early September are weeks to pray, prepare, and invite the community!
  • August is also the time to prepare new small group leaders. If it is your time to host or lead a small group, email me at reg.overstreet@lc3.com. (Or, I may be contacting you!) 🙂
  • Sunday, August 28, 11:00a.m. – Small Group Leader and Happiness Training Session


  • Saturday, September 10 – Fall Ministry Summit: Ministry training workshops from 9:00AM-1:00PM (includes the Small Group Leader Training Makeup Session)
  • Week of September 10/11 – Small Groups officially kick off!
  • Week of September 24/25 – Happiness officially kicks off!

Other Notes: Invitation materials will be ready in the coming weeks to invite friends and neighbors. Please pray for us as we prepare. And, enjoy the rest of your summer!

For His glory and our joy,

Pastor Reg


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