Thanksgiving and Advent Resources, 2017

The holiday season is beginning! Oh, what joyous times!

I want to make sure you know what LCCC is providing household and small group leaders this year in regards to Thanksgiving and Advent.


Happy Thanksgiving Week! Or shall I say “Thanksliving”? 🙂 If you missed Pastor Jim’s very practical Thanksgiving sermon, try to check it out before Thursday at our media player here –

If you could use Thanksgiving ideas/resources for your group or family this year, this Thanksgiving post on from 2010 still holds up pretty well. 🙂

The Advent of Jesus Christ (Christmas)

We started rolling out Advent resources in church last weekend so people can start preparing with them before the Advent season begins.

I have used these in small groups in the past, and am going to again this year with our current small group (in our December 3 meeting). Dwelling on Advent with your small group is a rich experience, whether it’s for an entire meeting or just a few moments during your Christmas party.

Here are the Advent Resources we are providing for you to explore and use in your groups and homes this Advent season.

  1. PDF“Five Steps to Create Meaningful Traditions During the Christmas Season”
  2. AudioTerrific interview by Pastor David and Kelli of John and Carissa Lewis (authors of resource #3…)
  3. blog photo 1BookFinding the Treasure in Christmas, by John and Carissa Lewis. While John is working on getting this book published he meanwhile gets it printed locally. This book has guided my family’s Advent season for four years and counting. We are happy to be selling them at church starting next week. They are not only beautiful, but the single best Advent resource I have found… and I have looked at every Advent resource I can get my hands on.
  4. Christmas Concert of Prayerblog photo 2this Sunday in the Gym, 12:45-2:00pm, and the five prayer hours that follow, next Monday – Wednesday. Bring your group! Corporate prayer is probably your most powerful Christmas resource of all.
  5. Upcoming Advent Sermon Series, “Let there be Light.” Details appear below on this picture of an invitation card, which are also available for you to take and handout around town. Let there be Light
  6. Last, but not least, my own family (all 7 of us!) is teaching a one-hour class this Sunday at 10:00am called “Getting the Most out of the Christmas Season.” I hope to pack out “Portable A” with people, props, stories, and Scriptures, and have a great time. You are all invited! Acts 3




Glory to God in the highest; His peace to you all,

Pastor Reg



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