I love uncovering the truth behind holiday traditions because it’s important to know what truths we should revere and celebrate, what embellishments we should  enjoy lightheartedly, and what heresies we should simply avoid altogether. And along the way of uncovering truth, you discover some fascinating details.  I’ve selected a few of the most enlightening and most useful Christmas resources to include on this year’s Christmas blog post. Give them a few moments of your time, and I think your small groups and families will find them edifying and enjoyable.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!


The MYTHS about the “MYTHS” of Christmas

These two videos are excellent! While I cannot vouch for the accuracy of 100% of every detail in them, their content is in line with what I’ve known and learned.  Being in video form makes them easy to absorb and to share with anyone, including kids.  Forward this blog post to everyone you think would enjoy knowledge about Christmas!

Video 1 answers the questions:

  1. Should we celebrate Christmas?
  2. How do we celebrate Christmas?
  3. When do we celebrate Christmas?
  4. What are the biblical understandings of Christmas?

Video 2 uncovers the historical truth behind:

  1. The Christmas Tree
  2. The Christmas Wreath
  3. Santa Clause
  4. The writings of the early church fathers about Christmas and Christ’s birth date
  5. The history of the early settlers in the U.S. and Christmas celebration.

John MacArthur’s Sermon: “Jesus’ Birth in Bethlehem,” Part 1

While listening to sermons on my iPod, this one blew me away!  But not in the way sermons usually affect people. What blew me away was how eloquently Pastor John MacArthur relates his enormous amount of historical research on Christmas with the simplicity of the biblical message of Christmas.  Comparing the quintessential Christmas text, Luke 2:1-7, with the all the elaborate, complex traditions we have developed over the centuries, he  answers the intriguing question…“How can you take such a simple story as we’ve just read in seven verses and come up with such a complicated celebration?”

Part 1 is only 25 minutes long, and is well worth either listening to or reading.

You can listen to the audio or read the transcript for free at this link: http://www.gty.org/Shop/Audio+Lessons/42-22_Jesus-Birth-in-Bethlehem-Part-1

Videos Just for Fun

North Point Church’s “iBand” – Have you heard of the iPhone; the iPad? Do you know anything about their capabilities?  You will after watching this video of techy musicians…or are they musical technicians?  You decide!

Finally, this video is ubiquitous on-line, and you’ve probably already seen it – more than once! But JUST in case you have not, here it is…The Digital Nativity Story according to today’s social media.


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