Top 10 Posts of 2011

Here are the ten most viewed posts of the past year. I am grateful to God for any usefulness these resources have provided our leaders and groups.  Enjoy!

10. How Can I Get My Members to Talk?

9. Leading Discussion – Basics and Advanced

8. Three Inspiring Testimonies of Lake City Small Group Growth

7. Golf, Fantasy Football, Guns: Men of God

6. Early Testimonies from Forgotten God Series, Fall 2011

5. Discipling Men in Small Groups, Part 2 – Getting and Keeping Them

4. Curriculum List for 2012

3. Small Group Leaders Bowling Party Recap (and What’s Upcoming this Fall!)

2. 2010-2011 Year In Review

And….Number 1 is a bit anti-climactic to view now because its purpose was to prepare us for a season which is already past. However, the Forgotten God series was a tremendous season, and you can hear and share the greatest praises from it THIS WEEKEND in church, in our Testimony & Praise Weekend!

1. Forgotten God, this Fall at LCCC!

I plan to give this growing blog a nice organizational and design overhaul next year, whenever I make time OR find a volunteer who is proficient in this area (hint hint).

Blessings on your homes, and Happy New Year!

Pastor Reg


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