LCCC’s 2020 Vision: Foundations for Team Success

Last weekend we kicked off our  “2020 Vision” sermon series, by giving “Foundations for Team Success” for any local church, Lake City Community Church in particular.

Everyone in attendance received a copy of the “LCCC’s Vision Foundations Playbook.” Everyone should have a copy of this, and you can download a PDF of it right here – 061613 Vision Playbook – Final with answers.

Here’s how it was described in the sermon:

Pastor Jim and his team diligently created this playbook of unifying common language, definitions, mission, vision and goals, for LCCC.

A church is a team. A team needs a common language, definitions, vision, and goals. These are the foundations for team success, and the playbook is a collection of them.

Why is common language so important for a church? This sermon illustration answers:

What if we were playing football, and we got into a huddle, and the coaches called a play, but none of the players were defining the play the same way?  What chance would we have of winning when we get to the line of scrimmage and hike the ball with different plays in our minds? It doesn’t matter how talented we are if none of us has the same play.

So, the LCCC Playbook just sets out the common language for our team’s success.

Please do download the LCCC’s Vision Foundation Playbook above, read it, and keep it handy. It may be helpful also to listen to the sermon here – or read the entire manuscript by clicking here – Sermon – 2020 Vision – Foundations for Team Success, 061613 – MANUSCRIPT.

The Next Two Weeks:2020 Vision

Over the next two weeks, Pastor Jim, our primary vision caster, with Pastor David’s help, will cover the specific details of LCCC’s vision path that guides our church for the next seven years (until the year 2020). You don’t want to miss either week!

God created us, saved us, and placed us on the LCCC Team to “play” our parts, together (Ephesians 2:8-10; 19; 4:11-13).

Let’s do it, for His glory and our greatest joy!

Pastor Reg


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