“Why Am I Here?” – This Fall at LCCC

Hi Church Family and Friends,

The summer behind-the-scenes are flurrying with activity, and details for the fall are becoming clearer…and exciting.  You have possibly heard by now that our fall Series is titled “Why Am I Here?”  Ah, the ever-relevant ancient existential question…BUT, you may never journey through its answer like you will at LCCC this fall.  Here is the draft of Pastor Jim’s synopsis for the invitation cards:

Why Am I Here?

Join us on a journey of discovery to answer life’s most fundamental question: “Why am I here?”

And here’s a clue to the answer: You were created by God and for God. You are not an accident. Even before God created the universe, God had you in mind, and he planned you for his purposes. And until you understand that, life will never make sense. It is only in God that we discover our identity, our meaning, our purpose, our significance, and our destiny. Every other path leads to a dead end.

Discovering how God has shaped you includes your unique mix of gifts, passions, abilities, personality, and experiences. As you discover God’s unique design of your life, it will focus your energy, give meaning to your life, and prepare you for eternity.

Join us this fall on a journey to discover how and why God made you!

We are breaking new ground with this series – preparing to do things we’ve never done before. If the Lord wills, no matter who you are, or what stage of life you’re in, it’s going to be fantastic!

Here are the dates and details:

It begins with two leader trainings* (STARTING THIS WEEKEND) , specifically for ministry and small group leaders and volunteers, but, as always, open to everyone!:

  1. This Sunday, Sept. 1 – Small Group Leader Fall Materials Meeting, during 2nd service (10:50-12:10pm), in the Gym
  2. Saturday, Sept. 14 – The Ministry Summit, 9AM-1PM – will be excellent as always. We are excited to announce Curt Chanda as our opening speaker, and workshops throughout the morning, for the equipping of all workers within Jesus’ church. Curt Chanda
  3. Weekend of September 7/8 – Small Group signups begin!
  4. Weekend of September 21/22 – Official Small Group Kickoff (Get to know each other and your group’s goals on this first meeting.)
  5. Weekend of September 28/29 – “Why Am I Here?” Series Begins!

*If you are going to lead or co-lead a small group this year, you’ll need to come to both of those, preferably; but at the very least, one of them.  More info is forthcoming, and you can read these two other blog posts for more info, and get ready and pumped up for the new year of ministry!

What Does It Take To Lead a Small Group (in 2013-2014)? and – SUMMER UPDATE for Lake City Small Groups 

For His Glory and our joy!



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