Forgotten God, this Fall at LCCC!

Since we just announced our fall sermon series and all-small group study topic, this is probably a good time to answer some early questions about it!

What is it? It will be an in depth and highly applicational study of the Holy Spirit, with Pastor Jim as our primary teacher of the Bible’s teachings about the Holy Spirit and their relevance to our lives; and Francis Chan as our ultra-gifted guide to growing and applying these truths in fellowship with others in small groups throughout our communities.

When does it begin? Small Groups kick off on the week of September 18. Then, after two weeks of getting to know each other, the Forgotten God sermon series and small study begins on the week of October 1 and runs through the end of November. Fall calendar:

  • Oct 1 – Forgotten God #1
  • Oct 8 – Forgotten God  #2
  • Oct 15 – Forgotten God #3
  • Oct 22 – Forgotten God #4
  • Oct 29 – Forgotten God #5
  • Nov 6 – Special Services for Adoption Weekend
  • Nov 13 – Forgotten God #6
  • Nov 20 – Special Services for Answers in Genesis Weekend Conference hosted by LCCC
  • Nov 27 – Forgotten God #7
  • Dec 4 – Small Groups do Service Project or Christmas Party!
  • Dec 11 – Small Groups do Service Project or Christmas Party; End of Fall Semester!

How do I get my materials? Like normal, materials will at first be distributed only through the small groups. Each small group leader can get his/her materials as early as the Sunday, August 28 Forgotten God Leader Info/Materials Meeting, in the Gym during 2nd service (10:50AM).  

Leaders will need to purchase materials for their members; members pay their small group leader. After the first couple/few weeks, we will open up remaining inventory to individual purchases in the foyer during weekend services.

How do I sign up? If you want to sign up early, go to for instructions.  Starting in September, we will pass out the “small group catalogs”, have a sign-up foyer table, AND the “Group Finder” feature on will be updated.

Other Questions that other people might be wondering? Just leave a comment below! Or, for more personal questions, call or email me.

Is there a fancy publisher website? Naturally!

Is there a Promotional Video? Of course! Here’s one of them. Enjoy…

Blessings on your homes,

Pastor Reg


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