7 Days of Prayer Before Kick-Off


Small Group Leaders, Assistants, Members, Pastors, Designated Elders,

This 7 Day Prayer Calendar is for ALL of us to pray daily from Sept. 11-17, during the week preceding our small group kickoff.

7 Day Small Group Prayer Calendar


Let’s commit to laying a massive foundation of prayer for our church’s “Forgotten God” fall sermon and small group series!

Here’s how: Print this document – 7 Day Prayer Calendar before kickoff.  Then, email or mail a copy to your group members (or send a link to this post). Finally, make yourself accountable to your spouse or prayer partner, and pray, each of these days for your small group! 

Make Contacts

Please make good contact with your returning members and the new contacts forwarded to you. People are anticipating getting plugged in this fall!

Blessings on your homes,

Pastor Reg


Here is a copy of Microsoft


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