Foolproof Plan for a Successful Kickoff

You want to kick off your small group year the best you can. Hmmmm, a “foolproof plan” sounds attractive.

This three stage plan will not disappoint you! Following it with prayer and a pure heart for your group will make your members valued, engaged, aware of what to expect and committed to the group for the entire semester.

Bold claims?  Give it a try! (And feel free to add your observations and other ideas to the discussion in the comments section.)


Before Your First Meeting

  1. Make a map to your house and send this out a week ahead of time.
  2. Call your group members.  Personal contact is critical. When you call them, your enthusiasm is very important.
  3. Ask each person to bring something (soda, chips, etc.). This cements their attendance, making them much more likely to show 🙂

At Your First Meeting

  1. Start your group off with an informal social meeting. Food is always helpful. Discuss the ownership and agreement of purpose of your group using the tools on pages 6 & 7.
  2. Have nametags and markers ready at the door. Arrange for an uninterrupted session (i.e., childcare needs, food prepared in advance, etc.).
  3. Get to know one another with an introductory game/ice breaker.  Rule of thumb: Get everyone talking in the first five minutes of the meeting!
  4. Establish a good pattern for prayer by praying at the beginning and end of the meeting, and asking how to pray for each other that week.
  5. Set a date and place for the next meeting before you dismiss.

After Meeting Follow-up

  1. Call or touch base with everyone who attended the meeting to thank them for coming. Shake their hands when you see them at church. Set a pattern early for contact with you between meetings.
  2. Call all of your new group members a couple days before your next meeting. Don’t assume that they’ll remember. They will need your encouragement to come to meeting #2!
How did it work?

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