What Does It Take To Lead a Small Group (in 2012-2013)?

I posted this “small group leader job description” last year, but have updated for 2012!

If you are reading this, there is a good chance you are considering using your God-given gifts to build up the LCCC Family (Romans 12:6-8; Ephesians 4:12). To that, I say, “Praise God!” He will reward your obedience and bless many people through this adventure.

What does it take to be a Lake City Small Groups Leader? What does small group leadership include? Here are the qualifications and description for this important position:

Lake City Small Group Leader Description

Small Group Leader’s Qualifications:

  1. Be a member of the church, or be in membership process.
  2. Attend the two leader trainings, in fall and January. (This year, the Leadership Summit is Saturday, Sept. 15, 9am-1pm. It is for all leaders of LCCC, and will include workshops specifically for small group leaders.)
  3. Be approved and blessed by small groups pastor and an elder.

Small Group Leader’s Job Description:

(This is what it is going to take to lead a successful small group. Trying to do it with less effort will fail almost every time.)

Time Commitment: A few hours per week of prayer and preparation, group meeting time, and relationship-building time outside the group.

Length of Commitment: Semester and/or entire 9 month ministry year. 

Primary Roles:

  1. Be a model of someone who desires to become like Jesus.
  2. Delegate responsibilities to group members so they can use their gifts for the benefit of the group.
  3. Lead and/or delegate the group meetings.
  4. Regularly contact group members between meetings (through phone calls, emails, cards, coffee, invite for dinner, notes on Facebook, etc.)  Follow up with absent members to let them know they were missed.
  5. Disciple and raise up new helpers and future leaders.
  6. Complete the simple reports and surveys requested by small groups pastor.

Tools for Leaders

1.  As the small groups pastor, I sit down personally with everyone who expresses interest in leading, co-leading or helping out with our small groups. I always come prepared with our Lake City Small Groups Toolkit (a collection of our best training materials over the past six years), and an enthusiasm to answer the frequently asked questions and the intriguing questions that are new to me.

2.  Because of the importance of this role, all leaders are designated a pastor (that’s me), an elder who prays for and is available to them, and a leader mentor (if applicable), for assistance, encouragement and accountability of their own growth as a disciple-making disciple of Jesus.

3.  This blog is also an ever-increasingly more comprehensive quick-reference for many areas of small group leadership.

4.  And, stay in touch with everyone throughout the year by “liking” the Lake City Small Groups page on Facebook!

Become a Leader

As you can see, these are very attainable qualifications and expectations. We are happy with where we have set the bar for leadership – not too high and not too low.   You can sign up to become one of our great team of small group leaders this year, by:
  • Contacting me at reg.overstreet@lc3.com or 253-582-8040
  • Marking your interest on a Communication Card in the weekend services
  • Attending the Sept. 1 *Leaders “Heroes” Curriculum Meeting and Leadership Summit Makeup Pre-Session
  • Attending the (date TBD)  *Small Group Connection
  • Attending the Sept. 15 *Lake City Leadership Summit
*More info about each of these will be available soon, and will be linked to this blog.
Blessings on our stewardship of leading God’s people,
Pastor Reg

Finishing the Small Group Year Strong, 2012

(This post is an updated version of last year’s similar post on finishing strong, with the same two headings, but new content; plus a great new ACTIVITY!)

The 2011-2012 ministry year is just about to conclude. Here’s how to have your best finish possible!

The two most important things to do in your last meetings together are “Celebrate Your Past” and “Plan Your Future.”

I.    Celebrate Your Past

“What is rewarded gets repeated.”  I have found this popular statement very true. So, what took place in your group members’ lives over the year that you consider a “win” and that you would like to see repeated?  Did anyone trust Christ; get baptized; have a child receive Jesus; live faithfully through a trial; share their faith; pray faithfully; grow spiritually; ask a lot of questions or contribute well in discussion; have perfect attendance (one of our leaders even gives an attendance reward – very fun).  Whatever the wins were for your fellow members, acknowledge them!

How about the wins for your group? Did you grow together; serve together; help each other through a difficult time, move or transition? Did your kids see you praying together? Did you give support to a missionary, or be the hands and feet of Jesus yourselves? Did anyone lead discussion for the first time, or do a great job planning your social calendar? Is anyone going to step out and lead their own group next year?

These lists go on and on. Brainstorm with your spouse, assistant or all group members together what your wins were, and then celebrate them together!  If you do, they are more likely to get repeated and built upon in the future.

II.    Plan Your Future

After celebrating your time together over the last year, it is vital to take the next step and plan your group’s future. Everyone needs an idea of your group’s plans for the summer and for next year.

So, get out the calendars and plan your activities this summer. Here’s a great idea list to start the brainstorming.  Be sure to include LCCC’s Family Camp – the Family Reunion, on August 17-19 (click for details!)

For one more good resource, see last year’s post “Maximizing Summer”.



A Recommended End-Of-Year Activity – “The THANK YOU CHALLENGE”

MATERIALS NEEDED: Bucket, and a small item (balls, stuffed animals, etc.) for each person 

INSTRUCTIONS (Print these):

1.  Sit in a circle with the empty bucket in the center. 

2.  Each person is given a ball. Someone will volunteer to go first. that person will SHARE something with the entire group that was meaningful to them from the year together.  This could be something they learned about themselves, something God has convicted them of or is calling them to change or do, something they appreciated about another group member, etc. Try to be genuine and personal.

3.  The person who shared will then toss a ball to someone else in the group – anyone. The person who tossed the ball must then look at that person and do one of the following: 

  • Apologize for something they’ve done to them in the past and ask for forgiveness.
  • Encourage or affirm them. For example, say, “A strength I see in you is _______.”
  • Challenge them (in a personal growth area, leadership issue, etc.)

4.  Now the person who received the ball only says, “Thank you,” and drops the ball in the bucket. Let me emphasize the ONLY thing the person can say is, “Thank you.” 

5.  Another person then volunteers to go next and follows the same pattern. Please note that the person who caught the ball does NOT need to go next, but everyone should have a turn. 

6.  When everyone has finished, either end with some time in prayer, or, if time, allow anyone to go a second time. By this time the group’s walls will be down and a good spirit of Christian fellowship will be felt. Make note of how nice this would be to experience regularly as we continue life together. 

I would love to hear about your group’s experience with the “Thank You Challenge.” Give me a call, email or post on the comments here for all to see.

Blessings on your homes,

Pastor Reg 

Small Group Leaders Bowling Party Recap (and What’s Upcoming this Fall!)

Last night almost every Lake City Small Group was represented at our End-Of-Year Small Group Leader Bowling Party. We celebrated God’s expressions of goodness to LCCC this last year through the generous, faithful ministry of our small group leaders; and had fun doing it! Thank you everyone who came out.

Though we were sorry that not everyone could make the party, everyone can catch what was said and experienced by reading on!

The first item after our short meeting was, of course, food!

A.   Appreciation 

Praying Paul’s prayer of thanksgiving for our leaders: “Because of the service by which you have proved yourselves, men will praise God for the obedience that accompanies your confession of the gospel of Christ, and for your generosity in sharing with them and with everyone else. And in their prayers for you their hearts will go out to you, because of the surpassing grace God has given you.” (2 Cor. 9:13-14)

Making these outings "family events" really adds a new dimension, doesn't it?

The bowling was intense.

Way to hold that follow-through, Bethlehem!

Tom keeps Jeanne nice and loose for her next frame.

A few things we discussed in our short meeting…

B.   What’s Upcoming this Fall

1.    We will be doing an all-church study again this fall, which is always a unifying, deepening and exciting season for our church. Official details of the study are coming soon!

2.    Calendar leading up to fall Kick-Off:

    • All of August – Small group leader recruitment
    • Sun Aug 7 – Six weeks away from Small Group Kick-Off Week — mark your calendars!
    • Sun Aug 28 – Fall Study Info Meeting, during 2nd Service, in the Gym. Get materials and instructions for maximizing this fall.
    • Sat/Sun Sept 3/4 – Sign-Ups begin (Small Group Catalogs; Foyer Table; “Group Finder” on http://www.lc3.com)
    • Sun Sept 11 – Small Group Connection – An event for all those not in a small group yet.
    • Sat Sept 17 – Lake City Leadership Summit – The pinnacle event of the fall preparations. 9AM-1PM, in the Gym and various rooms – Several tracks of training offered for just about every member of LCCC.
    • Sun Sept 18 – Official Kick-Off week of Small Group year! (groups meet to get acquainted)
    • Sat/Sun Sept 24/25 – Watoto Children’s Choir in all three services (final week for getting plugged into a group and groups to get acquainted before study starts)
    • Sat/Sun Oct 1/2 – All-Church Study Begins!
    • Sat Oct 8 – Membership 101 Class, 9am-12:30pm, lunch following


  3.    Lake City Leaders Group

To better equip our leadership, the “Lake City Leaders Group” is in development to begin this fall. This group will provide the following for leaders who wish to grow their skills and be in more contact with other spiritual leaders.

    • Vision – Constant, continual vision of where we are going as a church and where our groups can go, not just from the pulpit, but from associating with other church leaders who have done great ministry, have learned the hard lessons, and are currently doing effective and innovative things.
    • Training – It’s one thing to be called to do something great for Jesus; it’s another to actually be equipped to be able to do it well and motivated to do it well throughout everything life throws at you over the course of a year.
    • Fellowship, Encouragement and Support – By the very nature of spending time with fellow leaders we are naturally encouraged by being able to be ourselves and knowing that others have your back. And we become renewed and readied each week to vibrantly lead our people into the presence of God.

The Leaders Group will meet on Sunday mornings during 2nd Service. Official starting date still TBD. Probably February, 2011.

Now, back to the pictures!…

Jason actually broke 100 with Jack Jack on his back! (He wanted everyone to know that.)

Pastor Jim, cutting loose and watching on.

Yes! Another strike for Grace.

 We should have taken more videos of this night. Oh well, this one is pretty cute. 🙂

Blessings on your homes, everyone!

Pastor Reg

2010-2011 Year In Review

Today is the first day LCCC’s Fiscal New Year – the 2011-2012 Ministry Year. In honor of that, here is the last year, plus, of Lake City Small Groups in review.

Five Year Plan

Has it really been five years since we set out to become a “church OF small groups” rather than just a church with small groups? Before reflecting on last year alone, browse this list of landmarks we have set over the last five years.

  • Defining “Church OF Small Groups”
  • Understanding Christ’s bi-fold design for His Church gathered and scattered
  • Creating leader qualifications and job description
  • Establishing the priority of relationships
  • Training leaders
  • Developing personal, written and web-based tools for leadership, communication, spiritual growth, outreach, and much more.
  • Starting many new groups
  • Recruiting always needed new small group leaders (and when I say “always needed,” yes, I mean we need more new leaders right now! J)
  • Building a support structure
  • Creating an atmosphere of excitement about small groups in the entire church
  • Streamlining with other ministries
  • Unifying Small Groups’ vision with the church’s vision
  • Celebrating God’s work at checkpoints and victorious testimonies
  • Growing outward as well as inward (outreach, supporting missionaries, praying for the lost, living missionally)
  • Becoming increasingly intergenerational focused
  • Equipping families

Contact me if you’re interested to know more about any of these. Or better yet, come to the Small Groups/Family Summit on Saturday, September 17, from9AM—1PM – a half day of equipping for the 2011-2012 year of ministry.

Last Year

Now on to the report for the last year of ministry.  In preparation for the new Saturday night service which began last October, we knew more would be needed than just community promotion and staff scheduling changes. We needed to build an adequate infrastructure of discipleship and community for the growth we anticipated. The need for new small group leaders became greater than ever. We expanded our prayer efforts and implemented some new strategies. And God affirmed our requests! We increased our number of groups from 20 to 23, holding steady at over 300 total group members.

Let’s take a moment to recognize those who had a part in leading Lake City Small Groups this last year:

2010-2011 Small Group Leaders:

David & Kris Adam, Monty & Sue Bakken, Tim & Linda Bartlett, Bonnie Bundick, Jeremy & Jodi Durr, Chet & Eunice Ellis, Andrew & Nikki Gray, Bob & Wanda Hayes, Dennis & Michelle Hewitt, Charley & Chris Higbee, George & Cathy Hills, Clint & Tami Johnson, Tharon Kirby, Earl & Sue Kolb, Tung & Debbie Le, Dorothy Miner, Terry & Judy Olson, Tony & Niki Oury, Reg & Sarah Overstreet,   Karen Perz,  David & Kelli Pritchard, John & Shari Schock, Mike & Roxy Shaffer, Rick & Judy Smedley, Adam & Sharalyn Stenberg, Duane & Helen Williams,  Russ & Laurie Williams, Jason & Stephanie Woods

 Small Group Leader Support Team:

Reg & Sarah Overstreet, Russ & Laurie Williams, Pat & Larynda Kern

Thank God for these faithful men and women. It is an increasing joy to work with these ministry partners and friends; to mature together as leaders; and to see the fruits of their ministry in the lives of our church brothers and sisters.

The Future

God is graciously bringing together clarity, unity and perfect timing for our work this summer creating vision for the next five years. What’s it going to look like? Well, in short, it involves an ever increasing focus on the surrogate family qualities of Christ’s church; strengthening natural families; and growing in the Spirit’s power of transformation, Christ’s love for His Body, and the Father’s heart for the poor and the lost. Experience it all, by God’s grace, this fall, only in Lake City Small Groups!

Thank you beloved Ministry Partners and Church Family,

Reg Overstreet

Pastor of Small Groups and Adult Ministries

MORE Great Testimonies from Lake City Small Groups!

After so much positive feedback from the first round of inspiring testimonies from LCCC Small Groups, I’m happy to present severalMORE Great Testimonies from Lake City Small Groups!”

1.         Earl and Sue Kolb’s Group—Observing Small Group Communion (Acts 2:42-47)

Does communion belong in a list of creative ways to worship as a small group? OR, is it an intrinsic and central part to life as the “church scattered?” I am more convinced that the latter is truer to the New Testament’s guidelines.

Earl and Sue’s group was the latest to observe communion together. Here’s what Earl had to say about the experience:

“I conducted Communion with our Small Group on 4 Mar 11.  This was a new experience.  All the members were excited.  The plan was each individual would first share their testimony.  I started by giving my testimony and a couple of times I rededicated my life when my children were dedicated.  This set the tone, and I went around to each member who then gave their testimonies.

“I then read from I Corinthians 11, explained the purpose of communion and the symbolic meaning.  I then passed the elements to each person; then we prayed and partook of the elements.

“After a moment or so, I reflected back on what we had just done and asked for each member’s thoughts.  They felt it was good and were glad we did it.  One member stated the timing was perfect since we had just finished the Heaven Series and were now ready to go back to our study of the Book of John.”

2.         Terry and Judy Olson GroupSharing Personal Testimonies within Your Group

Terry and Judy recently wrote this about their group’s sharing personal testimonies together: “The past three times we have met, people have been sharing their personal testimonies. This has been a very positive experience. It has brought the group closer together.”

Yes, sharing salvation stories within your group is an important activity which not only brings everyone closer together (Rom. 14:19), it also glorifies God (Ps. 118:21), reveals if each member is actually a believer (2 Cor 13:5), and ensures that all are able to share their faith (2 Pet. 3:15). Great job, Olson group, and others who have already done this!

3.         Clint and Tami Johnson GroupActive in Service and Outreach

My family had the pleasure of joining the Johnson group for an idea/planning dinner with the YFC staff at the Tillicum Drop-In Center. This group’s outreach commitment is inspiring. As a result of that meeting, the Johnson group has committed to partner with YFC by:

  • Hosting a large dinner for the kids, similar to last year, where we brought dinner for around 30-40 kids, served, ate and cleaned up with the kids.
  • Running a cooking class with kids at the center this summer.
  • Connecting with families of the community through a bike clinic (providing bikes, fixing bikes, putting on bike flags, and sharing Christ)

4.         Four Challenging New Studies (All of these are available for future use.)


1) Crazy LoveAfter the Hewitt group’s amazing experience with this Francis Chan study last year, the Oury and Johnson groups jumped into it this year, with similarly encouraging results.

2) Radical Haven’t heard of David Platt’s book yet? You will. The Higbee group is pioneering this still unrefined small group study of one of the most challenging books of our time.

3) Vintage JesusThe R. Williams group has been enjoying studying and discussing Mark Driscoll’s deep and different perspective on the Man who is God.

4) 10 Dumb Things that Smart Christians BelieveThree groups are working through this challenging little book, with some pretty interesting results.

A few future items that are sure to generate more great small group testimonies:

  • New draft of Small Group Adopted Missionaries is coming soon!
  • LCCC’s Second Annual Faith In Action (FIA), July 30/31 – Small Groups, Prepare!
  • GREAT IDEA: Someone to start a Saturday Night Group at 7:30pm, during the youth group’s new meeting time. Anyone interested? Just contact me at reg.overstreet@lc3.com.
  • End of semester party for anyone involved in leading small groups. Watch for more info about that, soon!

Blessings on your homes,

Pastor Reg

Three Inspiring Testimonies of Lake City Small Group Growth

I have always said that small groups are like children, in that each is incredibly unique. Another similarity between small groups and children is striking me these days. Like children, small groups mature.

This shouldn’t be surprising, since, according to Ephesians 4, that’s the whole point! “…then we will no longer be infants…Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ…”  (Eph. 4:11-16)

Today, I want to share just three examples of LCCC’s maturing small groups.  I hope these examples will give you ideas and inspiration for your own experience in Christian community.

1. Adam and Sharalyn Stenberg Group–-Being the Church Scattered (Acts 2:42-47; Eph. 5:19)

Here’s an awesome note I received from Adam about their group:

“I’ll also take this chance to share with you our new format, which we’re pretty excited about.  We finally started singing each meeting.  We kept talking about it, now are finally doing it.  We sing a few hymns around the piano after dinner.  Then we move on to memory work.  We’re doing the Navigator’s Topical Memory System (TMS).  Their third group is “Rely on God’s Resources.”  Each week, we’re responsible to memorize two verses and recite them to a partner or as a group.  Then we move into testimony time.

“We are rotating who gives their testimony each week…a chance to get to know each other as friends, know better how to pray for them, and ask some interesting questions.  Each person centers their testimony around a chapter from the book, “10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe.”  Each of the nine members selected one topic.  We can easily identify with many of them so that naturally leads into a group discussion.

“Then we end with prayer time. It’s all a way to get everyone involved and energized, develop camaraderie, and even involve the kids. Children take part in various aspects of the whole time so it cuts down on childcare needs. It took a few years, but the group is really melding well. We can feel free to drop our kids off with each other in a pinch.  Four sets of piano lessons are being given across the families. We’re really energized when we meet. It’s great to be a part of.”

What a great report!  These kinds of things don’t happen over night. Great job, Stenberg group, on growing over the last couple years to be “the church scattered” together!

2.  Woods Group – Creative and Productive Meeting Format (Col. 3:16; Eph 5:21)

Newer leaders, Jason and Stephanie Woods, have devised a remarkably impactful format for their group meetings:

“We begin with conversation and prayer. Then we study the sermon that was preached in church that weekend. As I listen to the sermon, I write down discussion questions, and I encourage the other group members to do the same.

“After the sermon study, the men and the women split up for accountability time. This has been enjoyable and effective. Among other things, each of the men shares one outstanding thing from their Bible reading during the week. Each of the women goes over their prayer requests and goals together, keeping each other accountable. Then, we finish up with snacks, and, of course, coffee.”

Gender accountability groups and sermon study are two great ideas for a small group. Great job combining them, Woods Group!  If other groups want to try either of these ideas, ask to see the resources and supplemental study helps we have available for you.

3.  Bakken Group–-Caring for One Another (1 Cor. 12:25; Gal. 6:2) – Here’s an inspiring note I received from Sue Bakken about their group:

“Reg, I just thought you might be encouraged by our little small group.  [One of our members] is in a very serious health condition, and thus cannot work….Our small group made extra soup to give her family today, and we took a collection to help pay her phone bill. We collected more than the amount that was needed for that and other items they need.  We are also in contact with Habitat for Humanity and rumor has it they want to build in Stafford’s neighborhood…and she would be a likely recipient…we just need to ask God to open doors if this would be His will.  Anyways…everyone was encouraged, felt they were a part of this…I am.  Sue”

*** Honorable Mention – Schock Group – Best Use of Bus

This is just one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen:

John and Shari Schock’s group meets on Wednesday night, during AWANA, at Peter and Abby Johnson’s house. The Johnsons also happen to be owners of a shuttle bus. At the end of their meeting time, all the men hop on the bus to go pick up the kids from AWANA.  The men and women love their separate time together, and the kids love hopping on the bus with the men! Now that, is very cool.

What stories of spiritual maturity are coming from your group? Please share them, whether by commenting on this blog post, or by telling me about them, maybe for a future edition of More Great Testimonies of LCCC Small Group Growth!

Blessings on your homes,


LCCC Updates – Curriculum Updates; our Online Community; January Leader Training

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Though you will get no “bubbly” from your small groups pastor this year :), I do have some important small group updates…

Curriculum Updates

  • Sarah and I are working together through a book that came highly recommended for small groups or accountability groups – James Bryan Smith’s The Good and Beautiful Community. Its aim is to: “Create a happy marriage between contemplation and action; piety and mercy; personal devotion and social service.” This book is an absolute life-changer, and I am looking for a group or two that would be willing to work through it this semester to evaluate if we may use it for an all-group campaign some time in the future. Anyone interested in discussing this option??

  • We just ordered Mark Driscoll’s DVD series Vintage Jesus for the Russ Williams group. Russ is the only one so far to take advantage of “The Lake City Offer” –We will purchase the DVD and/or leader’s book for groups interested in doing any kind of study that is not currently in our curriculum library.

    Online Community

    Don’t forget to visit the Lake City Small Groups’ Online Community from time to time. Sure, you probably already use Facebook or Twitter, but this option gives our leaders and each group a great place to connect, share material, make plans and stay informed about our shared ministry.

    How have you liked this blog so far? If you have enjoyed it or gotten some use from it, let me know by leaving a comment on any of the posts!  And if you haven’t already subscribed to this blog, please do so right here. This notifies you every time a new blog entry has been posted.

    January Leader Training

    Thank you for being so faithful to your commitment to attending leader trainings before each semester. We are witnessing huge growth in Christ’s under-shepherds at LCCC. This semester’s training schedule will consist of:

    1.  Veteran Small Group Leader Training, Sunday, January 9, during 2nd service, in the Lower Gym. (Watch for the forthcoming e-vite.)

    • Offered only once this time, so please make it a priority to your schedule.
    • If you’re not able to attend, you’ll be asked to participate two weeks later in the New Leader Orientation as a resource for Q&A/discussion.

      2.  New Leader Orientation, Sunday, January 23, during the 2nd service, in the Lower Gym.

        Once again, a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours.

        Pastor Reg


        LCCC UPDATES — Christmas Offering, Family Survey, Events

        Each one of these updates requires some kind of a response/action this time. It’s all great stuff, so enjoy! And blessings on your homes and ministries,




        Hopefully you received Pastor Jim’s Christmas offering letter in the mail last week, which presents (no pun intended) an opportunity to further LCCC’s Kingdom work and our personal growth through sacrificial giving.  This offering will go towards three very special ministry areas, and is devoted to nothing less than the glory of God. “…so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God” (2 Cor. 4:15).

        The pastors and elders have agreed to lead the way in sacrificial giving; we know we’ll be blessed.  We want to ask you to lead that way with us; and join in the blessings from sacrifice. (Matt 19:29) And, will you pass that challenge on to your small group? Lead your group in one of the most Christlike actions – giving.  (Phil. 2:6-11(2 Cor. 8 & 9)


        If you haven’t taken LCCC’s family survey yet, please take just a few minutes to do so.   Your input will greatly assist the developments in family ministry at LCCC!  Take the survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RB6KLJQ


        Pastor Jim tries to take a group from LCCC to this conference every year. This year we are paying for the small group leaders and assistants to come – a great investment in our church.  And a fun time for all who go!  We would LOVE if you could come.  Find the details on our online community website’s home page.  The deadline for hotel reservations is January 3. Please let me know very soon if you’re considering it? In fact, shoot me an email right now if you’re at least considering, at: reg.overstreet@lc3.com.


        Several of you are aware of the national competition for a community renewal grant from AHA and Habitat for Humanity.  http://www.ahschallenge.com/ Our own Tillicum is in a dramatic battle to win, and we can help by clicking some buttons! There is screaming pressure coming from the Columbus, Ohio project!  Many in the LCCC family are already voting daily, but we need more!  Catch the fever and vote daily here  http://www.ahschallenge.com/Participants.aspx (Sort by # of votes – we should be on top.) Only 45 days left!


        By the providence of God, LCCC will experience a number of exciting Great Commission oriented moments this winter, making disciples by every means possible. Here is a bullet point list of what to expect and plan with your small groups.

        • December 26 – Commissioning of Bobbi Bails on a 6 month mission to tour with a Ugandan Children’s Choir
        • January 1/2 – Commissioning our Moscow Stuff-a-Stocking Team
        • January 8/9 – Small Group Leader Training; and Guest SIM Missionary Kendrick Lau and family will be giving a brief update on Niger, and speaking to our children and youth and possibly any interested small groups.
        • January 15/16 – Small Group Connection event; and official Winter/Spring Semester Small Group Kick Off!
        • January 17-19 – JBC Prayer Conference Trip!
        • January 28-29 – David and Kelli Pritchard Marriage Conference; the Pritchards are also leading two Sunday morning parenting workshops in January, dates still TBD. These are GREAT opportunities for the parents and families of your small groups whom you are discipling.
        • January 22/23 – New Leader Orientation; heavy promotion of Howie Brant Missions Weekend (Feb 12/13)
        • February 4 – MOPS  Auction
        • February 12/13 – “40 Years of Purpose” Missions Weekend with Howie and Jo Brant. Starts Saturday with Morning Manna in the morning, and Family Missions Presentation and dinner or dessert on Saturday night.  Continues Sunday with various events.  Also, commissioning of Niger Mission Team this weekend.
        • February 19 – Membership 101 Class; …also, Ministry Class 301 is being scheduled for either February or March
        • March – Concert of Prayer with full report from Moscow and Niger Missions Teams, date TBD

        Whew, so many opportunities to grow our small groups in discipleship of every kind. And I’m sure I missed something, but thanks for taking the time to begin praying and planning. God bless you as you do.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

        New Curriculum Ideas, 2010-2011

        800 books are published in the U.S. every single day, and doesn’t it seems like half of them are Bible studies? How is a small group leader to keep up with which curriculums are doctrinally accurate and effective to change lives?  To assist you in that endeavor, I have assembled a small collection of the most recommended and approved options for our small groups, which you’ll find below, and also attached last year’s list and the list of curriculums LCCC Small Groups have used over the past three years.

        NOTE: To offset your cost and build our small groups resource library, we will purchase the DVDs and/or leader guides. Contact me to place the orders!

        New Suggestions for 2010-2011

        I. RECOMMENDED PUBLISHERS I recommend anything from these following organizations. Browse their small group curriculums at the following links:

        A.        Matthias Media – This link shows an explanation of their small group resource philosophy, and leads you to several various types of resources: http://www.matthiasmedia.com/index.php/small-groups


        B.        Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (CCEF) – Small Group book resources listed at this link: http://www.ccef.org/do-you-want-change-don%E2%80%99t-know-how

        C.        Navigators/NavPress

        -Bible book studies: http://www.navpress.com/catalog/68/Books-of-the-Bible-Bible-Studies

        -Small group studies: http://www.navpress.com/catalog/94/Small-Group-Helps-Bible-Studies

        D.        LifeWay – http://www.lifeway.com/e14/shop/?N=474



        The Lake City Offer: If you choose a title that we do not have in stock in our library, we will buy the DVD and Leader Guide for you. (Participants purchase their own accompanying study guides.)

        Lane and Tripp: How People Change; DVD. 12 Sessions http://stores.newgrowthpress.com/-strse-866/How-People-Change-DVD/Detail.bok

        Tripp and Powlison: Changing Hearts Changing Lives; DVD. 13 Sessions http://stores.newgrowthpress.com/-strse-489/Changing-Hearts-Chng-Lives/Detail.bok

        Mark Driscoll, Vintage Jesus


        Tim Keller, The Prodigal God http://www.smallgrouptrader.com/Store/Adult_Small_Group_Video_Bible_Studies/2977/The_Prodigal_God_with_Tim_Keller_DVD_/xcid=1001


        Tim Keller, The Reason for God http://lc3smallgroups.ning.com/video/the-reason-for-god-dvd-trailer

        Francis Chan, The Forgotten God http://www.smallgrouptrader.com/Store/Adult_Small_Group_Video_Bible_Studies/3082/Forgotten_God_by_Francis_Chan_DVD_/xcid=1001&t=newest

        David Platt, Radicalcontact Pastor Reg about obtaining books, sermon videos, and study notes http://radicalsmallgroups.blogspot.com/ and… http://www.brookhills.org/media/series/radical/

        Todd Phillips, No Plan B http://www.smallgrouptrader.com/Store/Adult_Small_Group_Video_Bible_Studies/2864/No_Plan_B_with_Todd_Phillips/xcid=1001&t=newest


        Philip Yancey, What’s So Amazing about Grace? http://www.smallgrouptrader.com/Store/Adult_Small_Group_Video_Bible_Studies/2452/Whats_So_Amazing_About_Grace_with_Philip_Yancey_Video_/xcid=1001&t=newest

        Philip Yancey, The Bible Jesus Read http://www.smallgrouptrader.com/Store/Adult_Small_Group_Video_Bible_Studies/2409/The_Bible_Jesus_Read_with_Phillip_Yancey_DVD_/xcid=1001&t=newest

        Deeper Connections, The Miracles of Jesus (Parables and Prayers of Jesus also available) http://www.smallgrouptrader.com/Store/Adult_Small_Group_Video_Bible_Studies/2323/Deeper_Connections__The_Miracles_Of_Jesus/xcid=1001&t=newest


        XPLORE: 6 Lessons Exploring God’s Word, God’s World and God’s Work – The Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course recommends this small groups study book for people who cannot take the full 15 week Perspectives course. I have a copy if you’d like to look at it.  Looks pretty good!  http://www.thebodybuilders.net/store/xplore/tr/y/auid/7130966

        When Helping Hurts: Alleviating Poverty Without Hurting the Poor. . .and Yourself, by Brian Fikkert http://www.amazon.com/When-Helping-Hurts-Alleviating-Yourself/dp/0802457053

        Curriculum – Recommended List 09-10

        Curriculums our groups have used