Finding Christmas in the Gospel of John

My Discipleship Group just finished reading the Gospel of John, always a rich experience. With this blog post, for your Christmastime devotions or family worship this year, drill down into the theology, purpose and riches of Christmas, according to the intelligent, intimate perspective of Jesus’ closest friend on earth, the Apostle John.

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We read the “Christmas Story” in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.  You won’t find a narrative in the gospel of John, but you will find there the theology, purpose and riches of Christmas!

So, here is something different this year with your family and friends at Christmastime – Christmas through the eyes of John.

Before opening presents or starting that Christmas party, grab your Bible (maybe a good study Bible) and read and discuss these passages:

  • John 1:1 – The Trinity: Who and from where Christ was for eternity before the Christmas events.
  • John 1:14 – The Incarnation: The most succinct statement of the Christmas story.
  • John 1:16 – Without Christmas, Christ wouldn’t have flesh to sacrifice; and we wouldn’t have grace…only judgment!
  • John 3:16-17 – Christmas and Good Friday in one. These events should not, and cannot, be isolated.

  • John 6:42-51 – A…

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Thanksgiving Ideas for Small Groups

A Thanksgiving blog for our small groups, from 2010 – still a good one! Maybe you’ll see some good ideas here for tomorrow.

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You are probably planning at to spend at least a little time focusing on Thanksgiving in your next small group meeting. But what do you do?  Here are several ideas/resources for you!

Ice Breaker

Ice Breakers are a fun way to get everyone talking. Write something to be thankful for on a small sheet of paper and tape it to the back of everyone who comes in the door. They must ask yes or no questions from other guests to guess what is written on the paper.

Get the Whole Family Involved 

Age-specific ways to help your kids experience the meaning behind the celebration on Thanksgiving Day. by Lynne M. Thompson

Sometimes it’s a challenge to convince children that Thanksgiving Day is really not all about the food. Sure there’s turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberries, and pie. Oh yeah, don’t forget the pie! But hidden inside this palate-driven holiday is an…

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“Why Am I Here?” – This Fall at LCCC

Hi Church Family and Friends,

The summer behind-the-scenes are flurrying with activity, and details for the fall are becoming clearer…and exciting.  You have possibly heard by now that our fall Series is titled “Why Am I Here?”  Ah, the ever-relevant ancient existential question…BUT, you may never journey through its answer like you will at LCCC this fall.  Here is the draft of Pastor Jim’s synopsis for the invitation cards:

Why Am I Here?

Join us on a journey of discovery to answer life’s most fundamental question: “Why am I here?”

And here’s a clue to the answer: You were created by God and for God. You are not an accident. Even before God created the universe, God had you in mind, and he planned you for his purposes. And until you understand that, life will never make sense. It is only in God that we discover our identity, our meaning, our purpose, our significance, and our destiny. Every other path leads to a dead end.

Discovering how God has shaped you includes your unique mix of gifts, passions, abilities, personality, and experiences. As you discover God’s unique design of your life, it will focus your energy, give meaning to your life, and prepare you for eternity.

Join us this fall on a journey to discover how and why God made you!

We are breaking new ground with this series – preparing to do things we’ve never done before. If the Lord wills, no matter who you are, or what stage of life you’re in, it’s going to be fantastic!

Here are the dates and details:

It begins with two leader trainings* (STARTING THIS WEEKEND) , specifically for ministry and small group leaders and volunteers, but, as always, open to everyone!:

  1. This Sunday, Sept. 1 – Small Group Leader Fall Materials Meeting, during 2nd service (10:50-12:10pm), in the Gym
  2. Saturday, Sept. 14 – The Ministry Summit, 9AM-1PM – will be excellent as always. We are excited to announce Curt Chanda as our opening speaker, and workshops throughout the morning, for the equipping of all workers within Jesus’ church. Curt Chanda
  3. Weekend of September 7/8 – Small Group signups begin!
  4. Weekend of September 21/22 – Official Small Group Kickoff (Get to know each other and your group’s goals on this first meeting.)
  5. Weekend of September 28/29 – “Why Am I Here?” Series Begins!

*If you are going to lead or co-lead a small group this year, you’ll need to come to both of those, preferably; but at the very least, one of them.  More info is forthcoming, and you can read these two other blog posts for more info, and get ready and pumped up for the new year of ministry!

What Does It Take To Lead a Small Group (in 2013-2014)? and – SUMMER UPDATE for Lake City Small Groups 

For His Glory and our joy!


LCCC’s 2020 Vision: Foundations for Team Success

Last weekend we kicked off our  “2020 Vision” sermon series, by giving “Foundations for Team Success” for any local church, Lake City Community Church in particular.

Everyone in attendance received a copy of the “LCCC’s Vision Foundations Playbook.” Everyone should have a copy of this, and you can download a PDF of it right here – 061613 Vision Playbook – Final with answers.

Here’s how it was described in the sermon:

Pastor Jim and his team diligently created this playbook of unifying common language, definitions, mission, vision and goals, for LCCC.

A church is a team. A team needs a common language, definitions, vision, and goals. These are the foundations for team success, and the playbook is a collection of them.

Why is common language so important for a church? This sermon illustration answers:

What if we were playing football, and we got into a huddle, and the coaches called a play, but none of the players were defining the play the same way?  What chance would we have of winning when we get to the line of scrimmage and hike the ball with different plays in our minds? It doesn’t matter how talented we are if none of us has the same play.

So, the LCCC Playbook just sets out the common language for our team’s success.

Please do download the LCCC’s Vision Foundation Playbook above, read it, and keep it handy. It may be helpful also to listen to the sermon here – or read the entire manuscript by clicking here – Sermon – 2020 Vision – Foundations for Team Success, 061613 – MANUSCRIPT.

The Next Two Weeks:2020 Vision

Over the next two weeks, Pastor Jim, our primary vision caster, with Pastor David’s help, will cover the specific details of LCCC’s vision path that guides our church for the next seven years (until the year 2020). You don’t want to miss either week!

God created us, saved us, and placed us on the LCCC Team to “play” our parts, together (Ephesians 2:8-10; 19; 4:11-13).

Let’s do it, for His glory and our greatest joy!

Pastor Reg

Top 10 Posts of 2012

Here are the top 10 most viewed posts of 2012. It has been a remarkable year. Enjoy the look back!

10. “The Christian Life is a Team Sport,” A Letter from Pastor Jim

9.  4 Stages of the Bible’s Discipleship Process

8.  Best Small Group Ice-Breaker Ever?

7.  7 Days of Prayer before Kick-Off

6.  Discipling Men in Small Groups, Part 2 – Getting Them and Keeping Them

5.  Early Testimonies from the HEROES Series

4.  Faith In Action Weekend, 2012: RECAP and VIDEOS

3.  How Important is Leadership? Part 2 – Leading Jesus Mission: KONY2012 – A Test Case for Leading Mission


2.  HEROES – at LCCC, Fall, 2012


And, the most viewed post this year, with over FOUR times as many views as number two…

1.  Communion in Small Groups – More than a Good Idea


With 615 views this year, this post has reached a bigger audience than our church alone. I praise God for what it may contribute to the worshipful experience of small groups around the world. Making communion common has been a tremendous growth area in the worship and relationships of Lake City Small Groups. Praise God.

And, praise God for a memorable 2012 and all He has waiting for us to experience together in…


Blessings on our homes!

Pastor Reg

P.S. Here is what’s in store for the upcoming Semester, kicking off on January 20! 

Winter/Spring Semester, 2013

Here are a few important dates to put on your calendar right now:

1.  The 2nd annual Lake City Family Summit happens Saturday, January 12, 9:00AM-1:00PM. NFL quaterback Jon Kitna and his wife Jen will be our primary speakers, along with several breakout sessions.  As usual, the small group leaders training will be contained in one of those 50 minute workshops. How small groups fit into the BIG picture of the church as God’s Family is an exciting major theme for this year’s summit. Don’t miss it!

2.  If you miss the Summit, a small group leader training make-up session happens Sunday, January 20, during 2nd service (10:50AM-12:10PM), in the Gym.

3.  The Official Kickoff Week of Winter/Spring Semester is the week of January 20. Of course, groups have autonomy to start earlier or later, based on their semester plan.

4.  Pastor Jim resumes the Luke Sermon Series on Feb. 2/3, a good option for any group who would like to study Luke’s gospel along with the weekend sermons. We will have resources.

Forgotten God, this Fall at LCCC!

Since we just announced our fall sermon series and all-small group study topic, this is probably a good time to answer some early questions about it!

What is it? It will be an in depth and highly applicational study of the Holy Spirit, with Pastor Jim as our primary teacher of the Bible’s teachings about the Holy Spirit and their relevance to our lives; and Francis Chan as our ultra-gifted guide to growing and applying these truths in fellowship with others in small groups throughout our communities.

When does it begin? Small Groups kick off on the week of September 18. Then, after two weeks of getting to know each other, the Forgotten God sermon series and small study begins on the week of October 1 and runs through the end of November. Fall calendar:

  • Oct 1 – Forgotten God #1
  • Oct 8 – Forgotten God  #2
  • Oct 15 – Forgotten God #3
  • Oct 22 – Forgotten God #4
  • Oct 29 – Forgotten God #5
  • Nov 6 – Special Services for Adoption Weekend
  • Nov 13 – Forgotten God #6
  • Nov 20 – Special Services for Answers in Genesis Weekend Conference hosted by LCCC
  • Nov 27 – Forgotten God #7
  • Dec 4 – Small Groups do Service Project or Christmas Party!
  • Dec 11 – Small Groups do Service Project or Christmas Party; End of Fall Semester!

How do I get my materials? Like normal, materials will at first be distributed only through the small groups. Each small group leader can get his/her materials as early as the Sunday, August 28 Forgotten God Leader Info/Materials Meeting, in the Gym during 2nd service (10:50AM).  

Leaders will need to purchase materials for their members; members pay their small group leader. After the first couple/few weeks, we will open up remaining inventory to individual purchases in the foyer during weekend services.

How do I sign up? If you want to sign up early, go to for instructions.  Starting in September, we will pass out the “small group catalogs”, have a sign-up foyer table, AND the “Group Finder” feature on will be updated.

Other Questions that other people might be wondering? Just leave a comment below! Or, for more personal questions, call or email me.

Is there a fancy publisher website? Naturally!

Is there a Promotional Video? Of course! Here’s one of them. Enjoy…

Blessings on your homes,

Pastor Reg